Outputs from the Multi-Stakeholder Online Workshop MAKING CLIMATE ACTION HAPPEN - 4 Dec 2020

Outputs, results of the multi-stakeholder online workshop 'Making climate action happen' on 4 December 2020, organized by CEE Bankwatch, CAN Europe and Friends of the Earth Hungary. Presentations are downloadable from below.


9:30 Welcome and Introduction - Alexa Botar, climate & energy coordinator, NSC-FoE Hungary

9:40 Panel: How will EU funds and Recovery Plans be governed towards higher 2030 targets in the nexus of European Semester and National Energy and Climate Plans

            - Miguel Gil Tertre, Head of Unit, European Commission’s Secretary General’s Recovery and Resilience Task Force:

EU funding streams in the context of the Recovery and resilience plans (30’)

            - Markus Trilling, Finance and Subsidies Policy Coordinator, CAN Europe  (10’)

            - Raphael Hanoteaux, EU Policy Officer, CEE Bankwatch (10’)

            Panel discussion including questions from participants (30’)

EU table1 - downloadable as jpg

EU table2 - downloadable as jpg, see also below:

11:10 Recap of the morning: setting the scene to the next part  - Markus Trilling, Finance and Subsidies Policy Coordinator, CAN Europe  (10’)


11:20  Case studies presentations

- EU Climate ambition increase (2030) – implications, member states aspects, potential costs-benefits Jörg Mühlenhoff, Energy Scenarios Policy Coordinator, CAN Europe (15-20’)


- 11:40-12:00 Territorial Just Transition Plans in Poland Maciej Sytek, Plenipotentiary of the Wielkopolska Regional Executive for the Restructuring of Eastern Wielkopolska, Poland (15-20’)


- The development of the Recovery and Resilience Plan in Slovakia Juraj Melichar, Slovak coordinator for energy transformation, CEPA (10-15’)


- Programming for Cohesion Policy – Czech status quo, challenges and opportunities Jana Maussen, Project Manager, Centre for Transport and Energy, Czech Republic (10-15’)


12:20 Discussion in breakout rooms

- Territorial Just Transition Plans

- National Recovery and Resilience Plans

- Programming for Cohesion Policy


12:40 Reporting back from the breakout rooms to plenary

13:10 Conclusions (NSC-FoE Hungary, CEE Bankwatch, CAN Europe)