A life-affirming society and economy! - petition

A life-affirming society and economy!  - petition

The Covid-19 epidemic has highlighted the unsustainability of our globalized lives. Moreover, the epidemic is just one of an increasing number of threats such as climate change, biodiversity loss, extreme social inequality or unprecedented high levels of debt. The causes of the problems are common: we have taken too many resources away from nature, subordinated our communities to an anti-life economy, focused on our comfort and material consumption, we have become conceited - we thought science and technology would solve the problems caused by our attitude.

We Hungarians use twice as many natural resources a year as would be available to us sustainably. So we need to change radically, and change needs to cover all levels. Therefore, I undertake the following as an individual, strive for it as a member of local communities, I expect from state and economic decision-makers, or I implement these as a decision-maker:


Sustainable use of our natural resources

  • I undertake to live in harmony with nature: I minimize my energy use and transportation, I buy fewer and more durable products, I do not poison my environment.
  • I seek to participate in energy communities operating within ecological limits and support the nature conservation activities of local communities.
  • I expect decision-makers to introduce regulations that will reduce the use of energy, materials and natural habitats in absolute terms, increase the proportion of nature-friendly farming, protect our natural values, so that we would use our resources to the extent of their renewal only.

Localization instead of globalization

  • I undertake to mainly buy products and services produced closest to my place of residence. We cover the needs of our family ourselves as much as possible.
  • I seek to participate in local sovereignty initiatives such as local sustainable food communities.
  • I expect the sovereignty of local communities to increase, the state to support the development of local and national self-sufficiency while strengthening global solidarity, reducing participation in global tourism, trade and the production chain. Hungarian foreign investments and aid must meet local needs there, considering environmental limits.

Responsible corporations and transformation of finance system

  • I undertake that, as a consumer, I prefer the products and services of responsible companies.
  • I seek to participate in bottom-up, democratic economic co-operatives, local exchange trading systems.
  • I expect decision-makers to increase the accountability of companies and banks, reduce their excessive influence and the potential for abuse of legal personality, so that they do not pass on the external costs of their operations to society. Decision-makers should give preference to family and community companies. The issuance of money should serve community needs and nature rather than the extra profit of banks and the creation of new debts.

Renewal of thinking and morals

  • I undertake to seek happiness in satisfaction, love, and social justice instead of prioritizing consumption, comfort, and self-realization.
  • I seek to participate in groups, non-governmental organizations and churches working for a society of solidarity and nature protection.
  • I expect politics and the economy to be based on morality, truth and cooperation, with the active involvement of the society. We should measure our success with indicators of well-being instead of financial ones.

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For a life-affirming economy - Recommendations for Hungary's "green" economic recovery (summary) Friends of the Earth Hungary, 2020