The court’s decision: Eximbank has to disclose the data


Eximbank has been ordered by the Budapest-Capital Regional Court at first instance to reveal the information about its tied aid loans and share it with Friends of the Earth Hungary.

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High levels of toxic mercury found in skin whitening creams available in Sri Lanka


January 21st 2013, It was decided to ban use of mercury in soap and cosmetics, CFL bulbs and phase out range of items such as Mercury Thermometers, blood pressure apparatus etc., by 2020. This is possible under the Minamata’ Convention Agreed by Nations during the International Mercury negotiation’s just ended in Geneva. Meanwhile, Centre for Environmental Justice found very high levels of mercury in skin whitening creams widely available in the Sri Lanka Market.

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Far From Being Intimidated


"The resistance will continue” in Santa Cruz Barillas
This Thursday, the peasants of the Guatemalan municipality of Santa Cruz Barillas, in Huehuetenango department, released on January 10 after more than eight months of being arbitrarily imprisoned, will tour through the capital of the country to denounce the abuses suffered and demand Hidro Santa Cruz company, in charge of the Santa Cruz hydroelectric project, to leave their territories.

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Clean, green EU Spending is possible


New map highlights European regional spending that works for environment and people

A new publication released today documenting EU Cohesion Policy spending during the 2007-2013 period highlights how in times of economic and environmental crisis, Cohesion Policy can guide investments that are sustainable, innovative and really benefit the public. CEE Bankwatch Network, Friends of the Earth Europe and WWF published today a map showing where European regional spending has triggered environmental protection and sustainable development [1] – including public transport, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

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Gates foundation-led green revolution promotes false solutions to hunger in Africa

Friends of the Earth International warns against damaging industrial farming promoted by the Gates Foundation at the Agricultural Green Revolution Forum 2012, Arusha, Tanzania on 26-28 September.
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World’s largest public lender almost doubles support to fossil fuels in past 4 years

The European Investment Bank has increased its fossil fuel lending from 2.8 billion euros to 5 billion euros between 2007 and 2010, according to a study published today by environmental NGO CEE Bankwatch Network (1).
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Friends of the Earth International conference on hunger and agribusiness in Africa

Friends of the Earth International is hosting a two-day conference on the threats of agribusiness in Africa, starting today in Durban, South-Africa. During the conference "Agribusiness and Hunger policies in Africa: who are the real beneficiaries?” [1], organisations from over 15 countries will analyse the threats of agribusiness expansion in Africa. They will work on strategies to resist agribusiness and promote real, people-based solutions to hunger. On the first day of the conference, Friends of the Earth International launched two new reports [2] related to the subject, with case studies on small-scale farming, the struggle for access to land and the protection of biodiversity. One of the reports is focused entirey on the role of women in the rural South.

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Friends of the Earth International celebrates 40 years of mobilization, resistance and transformation

Today Friends of the Earth International, the world's largest global grassroots federation of environmental groups, marks its 40th anniversary. Throughout the year we will celebrate, together with our member groups and supporters, all that we have achieved over the past forty years. Our anniversary is also an opportunity to look ahead to the next forty years and to stress the urgency of a global transformation towards environmentally sustainable and socially just societies. 
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Clear targets for agriculture and forestry missing from Europe’s biodiversity plan

Brussels – Friends of the Earth Europe welcomes today’s European Commission plan [1] for the future of bio­diver­sity in Europe, but warns measurable targets are urgently needed in the areas of agriculture and forestry if the strategy is to succeed. The document outlines how the 27 member states of the EU will implement the new global strategic plan for the Conven­tion on Biological Diversity (CBD), agreed in October last year alongside 193 nations.
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Belgian Authorities must investigate MEP corruption


European parliamentarian and NGO ask for swift enquiry

Brussels - Belgian Green MEP Bart Staes and Friends of the Earth Europe are calling on the Belgian public prosecutor, Johan Delmulle, to start an official investigation into allegations of corruption in the European Parliament. [1]

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